1976 Classic Camaro Given As ‘Project Compassion’ Gift

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A church in Longview showed their support to Tom Wills for all of the support and help that he has given to people in his town. For the past month and a half his friends, fellow church members, and the mayor of Kilgore have worked on the ultimate gift – a remodeled 1976 Camaro. They assigned the new gift a name ‘Project Compassion’.

“Project compassion felt that if they built this camaro for him he could use the show car and witness for the lord” says volunteer and Kilgore mayor Joe Parker. The Camaro is Wills’ favorite car. Diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease, Wills is already suffering its effects, but his spirit is unshaken, and that’s what inspires his friends.

“The main reason is to help Tom out and give him a ministry tool, its going to be a neat thing just to see the expression on his face” says project volunteer Jody Gooch. “Hard to believe that a group of people would get together and do that for me it just blew me away” Wills says.

But he had no trouble with his emotion, when his rebuilt camaro was unveiled to him. It was overwhelming. “Thank you very much I have been blessed” Tom says. The volunteers estimate the car is worth $20,000-25,000. Amazingly none of them used their own money. The car was rebuilt through donations.