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Check Out The 1978 Chevy Camaro

There are literally hundreds of distinct sport cars that we would each love to own one day. While numerous of us would drool and stare at a Ferrari or Lamborghini if ever we were to see it up close we know that it will constantly be beyond our touch. So rather then dreaming about one […]

1976 Classic Camaro Given As ‘Project Compassion’ Gift

A church in Longview showed their support to Tom Wills for all of the support and help that he has given to people in his town. For the past month and a half his friends, fellow church members, and the mayor of Kilgore have worked on the ultimate gift – a remodeled 1976 Camaro. They […]

1967 Camaro Wins Best Chevy At Classic Car Show

Looks like the Camaro is still holding on out there, after a popularity boost from the hit movie Transformers where the latest model Camaro was a leading co star. In this event the Camaro is on top. Nearly twice as much as last year, fifty cars competed in this year’s Bedford Parks Department’s 2nd annual […]